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Talented Young Artist Charles Fanti’s “Sake Of Love” Is Creating A Buzz In The Global Music Industry


Young highlife artist Charles Kwesi Quansah has already mastered the art of composing afro beat music and the songwriting has continued to show his talent with the latest release. Also known as Charles Fanti is creating a lot of buzz in the music industry with his freshly released new track named ‘the love of love‘. This new track is turning listeners’ heads with its mid-tempo, danceable music and trendy, modern lyrics. It’s the ultimate feel-good song that has the ability to lift listeners’ spirits all at once and keep them hooked to the beats.

Fanti was once a rising star in her home country of Ghana and the song made her presence known on the country’s music charts. This song, produced by Gavali Music has already topped the Ghana charts and people have been pouring love on the singer and his creation. It was well received by several nationally known DJs and radio presenters who played this track many times on radio stations.

The country’s famous DJ Joy’s Countdown Chart aired on ABN Radio and was ranked number five on the chart. In addition to that, another famous personality, DJ Bone’s Top 10 Trending Songs, also gave the song the fourth position in the chart. Reportedly, locals loved the song so much that they rushed to the internet to download Fanti’s new track. After finding success in his home country, the artist is now eyeing the global music industry.

The artist has already stated in numerous interviews that he is serious about internationalizing his music and ready to compete with other artists who have achieved success on international platforms. His latest adventurous track’the love of love‘ really proves he’s in it for the long haul and his mastery of the different segments of chart composition is beyond reproach. The song carries a mid-tempo which is beautifully blended with afro beat. These Afro beats are from the highlife genre which gives the song a unique essence.

Not only the composition or the beats of the song, but its lyrics are also nice which adds another flavor to the song and makes everyone feel the beat. Paired with an energetic voice, the artist once again showed his powerful and confident singing talent which creates an attractive mood for the audience. The song is currently available on major music platforms such as Spotify, Youtubeand Apple Music. For more updates, you can follow the artist on social media platforms.