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The Muppet Christmas Carol turns 30 with new picture disc


Slated for an October 14 release on Walt Disney Records/UMC, The Puppet Christmas Carol celebrates its 30th anniversary with a new limited edition vinyl record. Join the funny, heartwarming and wonderfully wacky cast of The Muppets and Michael Caine (Scrooge himself) for a retelling of Dickens’ legendary tale.

Originally published in 1992, The Puppet Christmas Carol was directed by Brian Henson (in his directorial debut) from a script by Jerry Juhl. Although artistic license is taken to fit the Muppet aesthetic, The Puppet Christmas Carol otherwise closely follows Dickens’ original story.

The film’s beautiful, atmospheric score is interspersed with memorable vocalists, including the Ghost of Christmas Present (“It Feels Like Christmas”), the cold heart of Jacob and Robert Marley (“Marley & Marley”), and the harmonies of Tiny Tim and du Cratchit Family (“Bless Us All”).

A highlight of this soundtrack is the heartbroken ballad “When Love Is Gone”, performed by Scrooge’s lost love, and even a bonus version by acclaimed artist Martina McBride. You and your loved ones will sing along to classics like Kermit’s “One More Sleep ’til Christmas” or Scrooge’s “With a Grateful Heart” all holiday season long! A delicious Christmas album that reminds us all of the importance of sharing kindness and compassion throughout the year.

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List of songs from “The Muppet Christmas Carol”:

In front of:
Paul Williams – “Overture”
The Muppet Cast – “Scrooge”
Honeydew and Beaker – “Room In Your Heart”
Muppet Brass Buskers – “Good King Wenceslas” *
Kermit – “One More Sleep Until Christmas”
Marley and Marley – “Marley and Marley”
Miles Goodman – “Christmas Past”
Sam Eagle – “Chairman of the Board”
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band – “Fozziwig’s Party”

Belle – “When Love Is Gone”
Ghost of the Christmas Present – “It’s Like Christmas”
Tiny Tim (Kermit) – “Christmas Scat”
Tiny Tim (Tiny Tim’s Family) – “Bless Us All”
Miles Goodman – “Christmas Morning”
Scrooge – “Grateful Heart”
Ghost of Christmas Present (Tiny Tim, Scrooge, The Muppet Cast) – Finale – “When Love Is Found / It’s Like Christmas”
Martina McBride – “When the Love is Gone”