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The Shins performed ‘Oh, Inverted World’ in full, plus a parade of other hits, at Franklin Music Hall


But first, sisters Natalie, Allison and Meegantook the stage. The group, joseph, explained that their name was in honor of their late grandfather. From the audience, you could feel the closeness that the sisters shared. This rang especially true in Joseph’s unwavering, beautifully toned harmonies that ran through each of their songs.

Joseph performed “Switch,” an unreleased new song about seeing couples fall in love on TV. Meegan introduced the song and revealed that the UK show the island of love, where the focus is more on the emotional connection than on the physical, as a source of inspiration. “Green Eyes” from their latest release Good luck, kidstood out during the set, thanks in part to the riffy catch and accenting the bass drum pedal played by Natalie.

The trio had a fun cover in store for the Franklin Music Hall crowd, one that held a special place in their millennial hearts. They chose Britney Spears’ “Toxic” from what is surely a long list, giving it more country influence. It also put a smile on the face of the crowd.

James Mercer was quick to assure the crowd that they would, in fact, be playing all of the songs from Oh, inverted world as he stood center stage with the band and the album’s backdrop cover behind him. Many times he would announce the track number Shins were brazenly. After welcoming Joseph back onstage to do some backup songs, Mercer looked over the crowd and announced “Song 3” (aka “Weird Divide”) in a Terry Gross-esque tone.

Later in the set he also realized that there were a lot of shorts on the album, jokingly he said, “Well, I’m glad you like the shorts.” His jokes gave the impression that Shins were experiencing the album for the first time in some ways.

Based solely on the volume of vocals throughout The Shins‘ staged Friday night at the Franklin Music Hall, the crowd Oh, inverted world The favorite was “Caring Is Creepy”, but came close to “Girl Inform Me” and “The Past and Pending”, the final song on the album and the one Mercer called the album’s nightcap for the crowd. . Joseph also left the scene.

The album as a whole is “short”, so the Shins also selected crowd favorites from later albums. “Australia” and “Sleep Lessons”stopped Grimacing all night made the cut, seemingly releasing a ball of energy or anticipation that the crowd had been clinging to. “Simple Sound” by port of tomorrow shared similar explosive energy. There were also darker moments like during “The Fear” off Heartworms.

The Shins seemed to relax and have fun after reading the album and the set went into the serving of fruit salad. Emanating good chaotic energy, Mercer started singing Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” and the band followed suit. It seemed like the band was expecting this random cover, they just didn’t know when.

Just as the condensed cover faded, the crowd started singing along to the lyrics, and the band started to get back into the song and somewhat caught Mercer off guard before coming back into the chorus with a big smile on the face.

The Shins ended their set with “Sleeping Lessons”, which had Tom Petty’s “American Girl” stitched into it. As the song faded, the applause and cheers from the Franklin Music Hall crowd grew louder, Shins met in the middle of the stage, raised their cups to the crowd, took a sip and bowed. And with that, the Friday night 21st birthday party came to an end.