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THE SOUND OF MUSIC at the Fulton Theater


The Fultons The sound of music is by far Lancaster County’s best production since the live theater reopened. The show’s dazzling sets, impressive singing and memorable characters all come together to provide audiences with a spectacular evening of entertainment. The director and choreographer, Marc Robin, is to be commended for overseeing this donation.

Hanley Smith is perfect as Maria. Her smile conveys genuine warmth and happiness, which is contagious to cast and audience alike. Her relationships with the children seem very genuine, and this speaks to her level of commitment. Since Rogers and Hammerstein’s songs are so iconic, it would be easy for a performer to go through the steps, but Smith doesn’t cut corners. She takes ownership of each number and the audience is well rewarded for her talent and effort.

Will Ray is particularly complimentary to Smith as Captain von Trapp. Fulton’s casting is to be commended for selecting an actor who seems a bit younger and more dynamic than the typical actor in the role. This choice is very profitable because the Captain and Maria inevitably find themselves. They look a lot more like husband and wife than “creepy uncle and niece”. Ray also makes good choices with the captain’s behavior. You never feel that his character is a tyrant. He loves his children, but just doesn’t know how to show it. It was a refreshing and positive change.

Speaking of children, The sound of music is a lot – seven to be exact. The Von Trapp Children have been portrayed by Charlie Carroccio, Carly Geiter, Jack Packer, Taylor Quick, Penelope Schulz, Ariana Stambaugh and Lucy Trout. Each actor created a distinct and memorable character. Their countless hours of rehearsals and practice lead to impeccable dialogue, song and choreography.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so this show is remarkably sturdy. The cast and backing chorus were still excellent. For example, Katie Sina plays a multidimensional Frau Schraeder, Blake Hammond is a very funny Max, and Daniella Danni shone in her portrayal of the Mother Abbess.

Any theatrical production The sound of music will inevitably be compared to the film. Comparisons are almost always lower. Can a bit of plywood and canvas ever match the beauty and majesty of the Alps? This answer for Fulton’s production is a resounding “yes”!

Scenographer, Michael Schweikardt has created a beautiful and intricate series of sets both by traditional means and by digital projection. Whether they suggest the majesty of Van Traap Manor or the solemnity of Maria’s Convent, the sets were an important and valuable contribution to the storytelling process.

Ben McNoboe conducts the 12-piece orchestra that expertly and perfectly puts the sound of music into The sound of music. They provided a rich, full sound worthy of the beautiful melodies of Richard Roger.

Although this show has been extended until March 27, I would purchase tickets as soon as possible. Excellent word of mouth and repeat viewing will make sold-out performances inevitable. Get yours from the Fulton website as soon as you can.