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Thomas Rett Talks New Album, Song Ahead of ACMs


(NewsNation Now) – Country music star Thomas Rhett’s new song is unlike anything he’s written before – so he’s excited to perform it for the first time at the Academy of Country Music Awards this Monday.

“I’m working on some really cool stuff for that song that night, and I think it’s going to be fun to watch,” Rhett told NewsNation’s “Morning in America.”

Rhett, nominated for Male Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, said he wrote the song “Slowdown Summer” a year and a half ago with the help of some good friends.

“It was very unique,” he said.

Rhett said his new album ‘Where We Started’, which will be released in April, will take people on a “crazy emotional journey, to make you want to cry, to make you want to dance, to make you want to just put on a beer in the air.”

The album has already been endorsed by his family, wife Lauren and four young daughters.

“My kids are, and my wife has always been a huge inspiration in my music-making process,” Rhett said. “If my kids don’t like a song, then it probably won’t make it to the record.”

When he drives his two oldest children to school, Rhett will play his musical demo for them to try to gauge their reaction. If they move their head and know the words after listening to a catchy song several times, then they will know that song is a winner.

But for slower songs, says Rhett, they only have one question: Was the song about them?

“If I say, ‘Well, no, that one wasn’t,’ then they’re like, ‘I don’t really like it then,'” Rhett said.

Recently, Rhett was in a Fritos commercial, the company’s first in 20 years. This really impressed the children of the singer-songwriter.

“We watched it probably 50 times in a row,” Rhett said.

However, his younger children are a bit confused when they see their father on the big screen.

“Lennon, she’s 2, and so every time she sees me, like at an awards show, every time I play a music video, and especially for that Fritos commercial we just did , she looks at the screen, then she looks at me,” Rhett said. “She doesn’t understand how I’m in two places at once.

For parents, Rhett said, it’s important to enjoy the time with their children while they have it and to “treasure those really sweet times.”

“At this stage of the infant, there are definitely nights at 2 a.m. where you are up, rocking or feeding or putting a pacifier back in your mouth…. (where you’re like) “Man, I’m exhausted,” Rhett said. “But in the end, you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Being a parent, Rhett said, is one of the most special things he has to do.

“I really love watching them grow and can’t wait to see who they become,” he said.

Hosted by Dolly Parton, Jimmie Allen and Gabby Barrett, Monday’s Academy of Country Music Awards show will stream live exclusively on Amazon Prime Video beginning at 8 p.m. ET.