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Unspoken Tradition celebrates No. 1 song and album release


Mountain Home Music Company commended Unspoken tradition on the success of their single, “California”, which reached No. 1 on the Bluegrass Today chart, upon their album’s release at 185 King Street in Brevard, North Carolina.

“’California’ comes to us from our pal Thomm Jutz, and was chosen specifically because it’s an extremely well-written song with a feel that we’ve never explored as a band. It immediately stood out for me, and I’m glad it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get the guys on board with this one,” says Unspoken Tradition vocalist and guitarist Audie McGinnis. “Many of us leave the house in search of something. But what happens when you get there and it’s not what you expected? Or maybe the urge to go home is stronger than you imagined. This is what ‘California’ is. This musician moved to Nashville to pursue a dream, and amid all the music, lights, and opportunity, they feel lonely and homesick, lost in the crowds. It’s lonely.

“California” is one of many songs from the band’s new album, Imaginary Lines, out now from Mountain Home. As they have from the start, the band – bassist Sav Sankaran, guitarist/vocalist Audie McGinnis, brother Zane McGinnis (banjo), mandolinist Ty Gilpin and Tim Gardner (fiddle, vocals) – go above and beyond typical lyrical themes for digging into songs about work (“Irons In The Fire,” “Back on the Crooked Road”), crossing borders (“Caroline and Tennessee”), the changing nature of Appalachian communities (“Soldiers of Dust”, “Lookout Mountain”) and more. Rich instrumental work underpins the lead vocals of Audie McGinnis and Sankaran, who take turns harmonizing in a way that, paradoxically, encourages attention to each song’s theme while demonstrating individual versatility. and collective of singers. As Zane McGinnis notes, the result is that “the work featured on this record represents the malleable nature of Unspoken Tradition as a band, with many musical influences coming together to produce our best project yet”.

Rooted in the fiercely distinctive culture and landscape of western North Carolina and deeply committed to forging their own path within the wider music community, Unspoken Tradition have, in the words of the title track, “marketed in the shadows of hard times, waiting for the sun to shine” – and now, this collection announces, the wait is over.

Listen to “California” – and the rest of Imaginary Lines – HERE.