Home Music album What So Not’s New Album ‘Anomaly’ Is Their Best Work Yet [OUT NOW]

What So Not’s New Album ‘Anomaly’ Is Their Best Work Yet [OUT NOW]

What So Not’s New Album ‘Anomaly’ Is Their Best Work Yet [OUT NOW]

By pure chance, I had the chance to see Which is not the case live twice in the past two weeks, once in Canacopia, Arizona and once a few days ago at the release of his album in Los Angeles with Brownies & Lemonade. The former gave me a taste of his current musical influences while the latter was a pure representation of the album as it is, and has now been released everywhere.

Without exagerating, Anomaly is WSN’s best work to date (and he would agree). Although the project only spans 11 songs and 34 minutes, it never feels like it’s speeding up and rushing towards the end. Quite the contrary, in fact, as there is not a second of room to catch one’s breath as each track powerfully leaps forward, building the story.

What So Not said of the album, “I think this album is the furthest I’ve ever progressed in my music. It’s the loudest, most thoughtful, most evolved version of all the music I’ve worked on over the years and I’m so excited for people to hear it in full. I’m so grateful for the time I was given to work on it during this off-cycle, which I’ve never experienced before.

He continues, “The silver linings of shutting down the world over the past few years have allowed me to refine and refine this album in ways I never have in the past. For me, it’s my best work.

But it’s not just music that Chris is revolutionizing with his brand new album in the world today, with an exciting underlying project in the works ready to take Anomaly to even more vivid heights, as Chris reveals, ” The album is actually the score of a 3D animated film that I have been developing for three years, there was a taste of it through the DMA clip, the EVAN GIIA clip and some of the visualizers as well I’ve built an entire universe and I’m excited that people can literally step into it in the not too distant future I’m creating a show that I’m not sure anyone has done yet. likely to materialize within the next six months.

Stay tuned for this as you listen again and again Anomaly. Stream it below!

Photo via Rukes.com