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Why John Legend doesn’t usually turn to artists who sing his songs


For many coaches on The voice, it’s an instant chair change when an artist auditions with one of their songs. But that’s not often true for john legend, who is notoriously picky when it comes to chair tricks for his famous tunes. Here’s why it’s such a rare sight, according to Legend and his co-stars.

John Legend, coach of season 22 of “The Voice” | Vijat Mohindra/NBC

Gwen Stefani Says John Legend Won’t Tour For Artists Who Sing His Songs On ‘The Voice’

Legend joined as a coach in Season 16 and has remained on the panel ever since. And while he’s honed and honed his coaching skills with each new team, one thing that hasn’t changed is his challenge when it comes to turning his chair for covers of his songs in auditions at the blind. In a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth MeyersLegend’s co-trainer on The voice Season 22, Gwen Stefani, opened up about her hesitation.

“John Legend is notorious for not pushing his button if someone is doing one of his songs,” she admitted. “And we’re just kind of like, ‘John! You gotta push your button, they’re doing your song!’ I guess he gets very scientific about it and just gets overwhelmed.

Stefani, on the other hand, is “really excited” to hear artists auditioning with her songs. Apparently, fans will see this happen during The voice Season 22 blind auditions, which were filmed over the summer.

“People did mine. I can’t say when because it didn’t. [aired] again,” Stefani shared. “It’s very flattering, and it’s amazing.”

‘The Voice’ Season 20 contestant spins John Legend for his song for the first time

A few seasons of coaching on The voice, John Legend finally turned his chair for a cover of his song. Season 20’s Victor Solomon, a gospel choir singer from Illinois, performed Legend and Common’s “Glory” in the blind auditions. The song was released in 2014 as the theme for the movie Selmawhich earned Legend his first Oscar for Best Original Song.

Solomon’s cover received chair turns from Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas and, surprisingly, Legend. The EGOT winner admitted to Solomon that he hasn’t shot ‘never once’ so far for a cover of his song because he’s ‘looking into it more than I normally would’. However, he felt that Solomon did “better” things with the song than Legend ever thought he would.

Legend loved the performance so much that he even did a duet with Solomon on another of his songs, “Ordinary People”, right there at the audition. The contestant joined Team Legend and eventually reached fifth place in Season 20.

The caption says he presses his button for the people he “genuinely loves”

So what Is The legend usually searches when turning on his chair for artists The voice? In the spotlight for the upcoming season, as seen above, the “All of Me” singer said he’s focused on “reaching out to people I honestly and genuinely love.”

“I tour for them, even if they sing a genre that I don’t normally work in. Anyway, if I like their voice, I’ll tour for them,” he added.

The voice Season 22 airs Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. on NBC. Will another artist win Legend’s chair trick with a cover of their song in the Blinds? Fans should tune in to find out.

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