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WINNER is gearing up to release their first album in two years


WINNER is currently preparing to release their first album in over two years.

Yesterday, South Korean media News reported that the quartet were working on a new album with the aim of releasing it in July 2022. The report was later confirmed by the boyband’s record label, YG Entertainment in a statement to Top Star News.

“It is true that WINNER is filming their music video,” said YG Entertainment, translated by Soompi. However, the agency has yet to provide further details regarding an exact date and nature of the release, saying “we believe we can let you know their accuracy.” [comeback] program soon.

News of WINNER’s upcoming comeback comes shortly after member Mino revealed during his recent appearance on YouTube channel The Game Caterers that “WINNER is gearing up for a comeback.”

This will be the boy band’s first musical release in over two years, and their first since bandmates Jinu and Seunghoon completed their two-year military service. WINNER’s last release as a group was their third studio album “Remember”, released in April 2020, led by a title track of the same name.

During WINNER’s two-year absence, Mino embarked on numerous solo projects, including solo albums titled “To”. Infinity’ in December 2021 and ‘Take’ in October 2020. Mino is also set to make his theatrical debut in the upcoming Netflix movie. Seoul atmosphere.

The film will also star Yoo Ah-in (Hell, voice of silence), Go Kyung-pyo (Response 1988, Private Lives), Lee Kyu-hyung (prison booklet), Park Ju Hyun (Extracurricular) and former Wanna One member Ong Seong-wu.