Home Music artist Yahritza Martinez is the youngest Latin artist to appear on Billboard’s Hot 100

Yahritza Martinez is the youngest Latin artist to appear on Billboard’s Hot 100


Yahritza Martinez has officially become the youngest performer to make the list Billboard’s Hot 100. The 15-year-old Mexican-American singer released their first single, “Soy El Único”, March 25. Before that, Martinez mainly sang and uploaded videos to TikTok.

His entry into the Hot 100 chart marks the highest entry by a Mexican musical artist in history. Additionally, his Spanish-language single reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Chart, and just two days ago it had topped 6.7 million streams on the US YouTube Song Chart. “Soy El Único” currently sits at No. 6 on Table of the best American Youtube music videos. To say it exploded is an understatement.

Martinez has 733.6k followers on TikTok, and his followers keep growing. She formed her band, Yahritza Y Su Esencia, with her two older brothers, Jairo and Armando Martinez. Hailing from Yakima, Washington — a town known for its fruit and apple orchards — the siblings grew up around Mexican music, waking up to hits from bands like Los Temerarios and Los Canarios playing throughout their home.

After Ramón Ruiz of indie label Lumbre Music found Martinez’s videos on TikTok, he flew to Washington and signed her. Since then, the sibling trio has produced and shot the music video for “Soy El Unico”, which is part of a four-part love story.

With her debut single, Martinez established herself in Mexican regional music, a genre dominated by men for years. In “Soy El Único”, Martinez writes about how heartbreaking it can be to love someone who doesn’t love you. Seeing such a young talent sum up a universal feeling is shocking and inspiring.

With such raw talent and a voice that sounds light years beyond his real age, it’s thrilling to witness the start of Martinez’s musical career and look forward to seeing how they will change the music scene. Mexican regional.