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Yeule plans to release another album this year


After releasing his second album “Glitch Princess” in February, Yeule revealed that he plans to release another album this year.

Less than two months after the release of “Glitch Princess”, Singapore-born, London-based artist Yeule – aka Nat Ćmiel – is close to finishing work on her more acoustic sequel, according to Fork. The album, as Yeule described it, “is going to sound like emo for cyborgs”.

The next album – which has yet to be given a title or release date – will take on a brighter tone than its predecessors. “I wouldn’t say all the songs on the new album are happy, but I think it’s sweeter,” they said. Fork.

“I’m getting to a point where I’m tired of hating myself. It’s not Tumblr 2012 anymore.

Credit: Ethan Lai.

Elsewhere in the interview, Yeule spoke about their upbringing in Singapore, a country they described as “very nationalistic”. They added, “If you’re not for Singapore, say goodbye to government subsidies or sponsorships. And the education system made me meticulous, in a shitty way. It was crazy to be ostracized if you didn’t hit a certain number – like, goodbye. There’s not much to do if you don’t have the money. It’s like a theme park sometimes – that’s why I was in my room making music and doing stuff on my computer.

“Singapore will always be my home, and there are a lot of good things about it – like, bro, the sunsets are crazy, the sky is on fire,” they continued. “And now, having lived in the UK since university, I can go back and see it in a different light.”

Yeule is set to open for Charli XCX in May on the UK/Ireland leg of the pop star’s Crash tour before embarking on a North American tour in support of “Glitch Princess”. Find tickets for their US tour here.

Yeule released the album “Glitch Princess” in early February. It includes the tracks ‘The Things They Did To Me Out Of Love’, ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty’, ‘Friendly Machine’ and ‘Too Dead Inside’. The record followed their 2019 debut studio album “Serotonin II”.