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YK Osiris denounces the “false” artists who do not follow up on collaborations


YK Osiris recently jumped on the gram to criticize “bogus” artists who do not respond to requests for collaboration.

“That’s why I’m not friendly,” the singer said in the video. “The artists have the same line, this one line: ‘What’s your number, when are we going to lock? N *** a I gave you my number a hundred thousand times, n *** a! We don’t lock ourselves in! Like, nigga, stop asking my number every time you see me! As if we had never met! And they say, ‘When do you leave more music?’ N *** do you care! Why do you care ?! “

Appalled, he went on to say, “N **** s crazy, brother. It will be the same row each time you see them. Even smile. Same fake smile. N / A! To go up. Let’s say “hey” and “goodbye”. If you want to fuck with someone, you will fuck with them. Earlier in 2021, Osiris was spotted “locked” in the studio with Lil Tjay and Hitmaka, allegedly working on new music.

That said, YK’s seizures have garnered more attention than his music lately. In January, her custom Gucci outfit was roasted by Mustard and 21 Savage, the latter claiming that YK “looked like a suitcase.” I have to explain myself, ”Osiris said in a clip shared on social media to refute all the clowns. “You are all so stupid. Made by an exclusive gang. And you all know my boy. [It’s a] custom jacket. You’re all talking about all this bullshit. Savage replied, “He needs help. I can’t make it look like Delta luggage.

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